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Chapel suite

Exclusive and unique. These adjectives best describe our new Suite. It is located in the small church in front of the main villa, behind a splendid olive grove of more than 400 plants. The result of a careful renovation by local artisans is the flagship of our offer.

Chapel Suite

The interior

Our Suite consists of a central nave, where the bed is located with a relaxation area, and two side rooms in which the bathroom is located on one side and the closet with bathtub in the other. The central nave was kept in the original state, with hand-made low relief decorations on the sidewalls and gorgeous vaulted ceiling frescoes. The structure of the large bed was handmade by a local carpenter as well as all the other furnishings inside it. The side niches, paved with Carrara marble, feature a very exclusive gold-plated bathroom. The baroque style bathtub, also golden, gives the environment a touch of magnificence and elegance.

In addition to the exclusive value, our Suite is a historical and artistic heritage of our territory that we want to offer our guests for a unique and authentic experience. Tuscany.


Our new Suite is the result of the restoration of the small chapel that Francesco Scatena built inside the property in the mid 1800's for exclusive private use of the family.
The project of the Spanish architect Lucia Gimenez, is aimed at one side to preserve the historical and artistic elements and on the other side to create a really luxurious and comfortable accommodation, with elegant and prestigious finishes, according to the original style of the chapel. The guests who choose our suite will have a private and direct access to the wonderful olive grove, located behind the chapel.